Benjamin Thompson
Research Student
Jermiah Horrocks Institute
University of Central Lancashire (UK)

The Jermiah Horrocks Institute website.

NASA Astrophysical data system.

Astro ph on arXiv.

Astrophysical Simulation Software

The RAMSES patch based AMR simulation code.

MPgrafic large scale cosmological initial condition generator for simulations.

MUSIC large and zoom initial condition generator for simulations.

TIPSY N-Body simulation viewing software.

GIZMO Multimethod simulation code.

Linux and programming resources

Fortran 77 tutorial.

Linux tutorial for beginners.

Shell script tutorial.

VIM Adventures - an interactive game to learn the basics of VIM.

Python tutorial.

Dive into Python.

F2PY - a nice way to cross compile fortran modules to be read in by python scripts.

bento tutorial on everything you need to know about web development.

Regex golf